I00 Truths

Hey nak tahu tak?? saya kena tag lagi sekali bkn kena tag saya ambik jea. Bukan curi tapi orang tue bagi. Bukan org tu bagi saya yang nak or minta!
Enough saya nak jawab tag tu sekarang no tyme nak nonsenses : )

real name : Dayang Nur Syahidah bt Abf Suhardi
nickname : Dayang Yaya Syasya
zodiac sign : Leo
male or female : Girl or Female Or women..chopp women not yet
elementary school : Sekolah Rendah Taman Seroja
high school : Smk Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi
college : Bila dah besar nanti.
hair colour : Black and brown colour
tall or short : Taller than shorter people and shorter than taller people
sweat or jeans : Jeans
phone or camera : Both but i prefer more phone
health freak : You think ?
orange or apple : Apple i lyke apple
do you have a crush on someone :  Honestly!!!.. NOO
eat or drink : Drink
piercings : Yess
pepsi or coke : Coke

Have you ever ? 

been in an airplain : yes 
been in relationship : ehem2
been in car accident : Nooo
been in fist fight : Yup

First and last : 

first household chores : Not always
first best friend : Anis Najwa
first award : Don't Remember
first crush : Kan dah tanya soalan nie =.='
first word : Hello Hye
first section :Understanding
last person you talked in phone : My Mom
last person you text : Farah Hanani
last person you watched a movie with : Kakak
last food you ate : Rice
last movie you watched :Casper Meets Wendy
last song you listen to : There's A Place For Us
last thing you bought : IDK
last person you hugged : Adik saya

Favourite : 

food : Yang sedap3
drink : Apple Juice
bottoms : jeans
flowers : rose
animal : Cat and Horse..maybe
colour : Aqua Red Purple and baby blue
movie : The Chronicles Of Narnia [all] The Parent Trap Tentang Bulan and Enchanted
subject : Math

(put an x in the bracket if yes) 

celabrate halloween () 
have you had heart broken () 
had someone questions my sexual orientation () 
got pregnant () 
had an abortion () 
did something i regret (x) 
broken a promise (x) 
hide a secret (x) 
pretend to be happy (x) 
met someone who changed your life (x) 
pretend to be sick (x) 
left the country (x) 
try something you normally wouldn'try and like it (x) 
cried over the silliest thing (x) 
when to the beach with your best friend () 
got into an argument with your best friend (x) 
hated someone (x) 
single for a whole year (x) 

currently : 

eating : Chocolate
drinking :Apple juice
listening to : music.
sitting or laying : Laying
plan for today : Happy
waiting : somebody

your future : 

want kids : yes yes
want to get married : yes 
career : Accountant

which is more attractive (choose one) : 

lips or eyes : Eyes
shorter or taller : Taller i think
romantic or spontaneous : spontaneous
nice stomach or nice arms : nice stomach
hook-up or relationship : relationship 
looks or personality : personality 

have you ever : 

lost glasses/contacts :yes
snuck out of a house : nopeee
held a gun/knife for a defense : no
killed somebody : huh?  absoblutely noo
broken somebody heart : yes 
been in love : single mingle
cried when someoned died : err noo ohhh yes

do you believe in : 

yourself : yes but a litlle oonly
miracles : yup yes yeah
love at first sight :  : )
heaven : Sure
santa claus : never
superstition : no 
kiss on the first date : never but...

truthfully : 

is there one person you want to be with right now ? : yes.  Skandar Keynes. Oh god can you bring him to meee!
do you know who your real friends are ? : Haha  Not sure 
do you believe in god ? : Of coz my dear
post at 100 % truth ? : Okay

Tag 25 people that you believe he/she will answer :
Tak nak sebab mereka takkan jawab!! Wahh kejam.. okey2 siapa yang nak ambillah free of charge

Terima kasih sebab baca entry ini. KBAI

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